Our Nights

Updates: Escape will start opening up 7 days a week. Yup, that’s right we will be open EVERYDAY!

Movie Monday’s – Every Monday bring your date or group of friends, to enjoy one of Netflix picked movies. Loud surround system, with two LARGE 1080 clear projectors. Popcorn, Drinks, Food and Hookah will be a part of our night. Stay tuned for the rest of the details coming soon.

Tequila Tuesday’s – Everyone’s always talking about tacos that’s cool but we think tequila is just a better mix with music and hookahs. More details coming soon.

WCW Wednesday’s – Hello women do not get enough praise. We chose to make a day just for the ladies. This night is a night where women will come together and have great times. More info coming soon. ou

Throwback Thursday’s – Ah, the famous #TBT we see all over our social networks? Um, No. We’re actually doing something a little different. Playing the late 90’s Early 2000’s greatest hits from Freestyle to Tupac with a little mix theme once a month. So dressing up like the 90’s or 70’s theme to have a little fun. More info coming soon.

Fashion Friday’s – Come on it’s the weekend we all work hard so we can show off a little. So come dressed to impress in your fliest outfits. Red Rugs and black drops will be on sight so you can take advantage and get some good pictures of your outfit! More info coming soon.

Latin Saturday’s – Our famous Latin night Saturday’s been strong for two years and going! It’s 18 plus for our women and 21 and up for the fellas. Make sure to come in dress code. RSVP your table we do sell out EVERY WEEKEND!

Sunday Funday – Reggae night mixed with Karaoke. More info coming soon.