Best Hookah In Kissimmee, Orlando Area.

We take pride in our hookahs, cleaning after each use the right way, deep washing and cleaning each and every part of the Hookah. We take apart the hookah starting with the clay Head, then the rubber garments come off and get immersed in boiling hot water to soak for the best clean possible, next comes the stem, to be rinsed and scrub with a brush made especially for it, finally comes the vase of the hookah, we rise and then use a brush to deep clean with Baking Soda and Lime. This leaves our patron customers with a fresh tasting hookah every time.

Hookah is what we love and take serious! Okay, so we know your reading this wondering a few things about our hookahs. What kind of brands do we use? Well that’s easy let us explain our brand selection. Our most popular brand is the KM Mini Beast Hookahs. They’re made hand made in Egypt,hand selected by the craft makers. Compacted cloud makers. The air flow is amazing in this brand. Also we carry custom made Hookahs. Made from Liquor bottles our number one seller would be the Hennessy bottle Hookahs. We have a few to select from Ciroc, Moet and Patron! They Look amazing in pictures and videos on your social network!

How long does a hookah last?

Hookahs do not have a certain time they last. This all depends how many people are smoking at the time. Also another thing that takes place in how long hookahs last, is how you maintain your hookah. Moving the charcoal every so often helps the hookahs last longer.

What brand do we you for Shisha in our hookahs?

Al-falkher is the brand we stand strong behind. It’s a well trusted brand in the Hookah community. Al Fakher – something that’s practically a household name in the world of hookah. Whether you’re a newbie smoker, or someone that has been smoking for years, almost everyone has experienced Al Fakher at some point or another. It’s a brand that transcends all else – a brand that has been around for longer than anything, and will likely be around when there is nothing else. While its popularity knows no bounds, Al Fakher isn’t the best brand around by any means. That said, it didn’t to get to where it is without a good reason, so today we’re going to be taking a look at Al Fakher – what makes it so popular, why some people love it, some people hate it, and why it is the titan of hookah that it is.