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From the Best Hookahs to Staff with High Energy. Escape is locally know for it’s Music and Energy! Serving Bar Food such as Mozzarella sticks, Wings, Fries, Onion Rings & Empanadas!

  • FRIDAY – SATURDAY 10 – 4am
  • 18+ GIRLS / 21+ GUY’S SATURDAY’S

Are you a local or maybe even a tourist?

Well whatever the case maybe we are the most suitable Lounge in the  Kissimmee, Orlando FL , for you to come and check out. Asking why is that? Here is what to expect at Escape Hookah Lounge / Hookah Bar.

Orlando, Kissimmee


Great vibes, with a staffing that takes full pride in what they do. You’ll catch our staff hanging out with you and your party making sure we are the best host for you and your party. Smiles are free at Escape Hookah Lounge. From the staff, Dj even Manager you’ll be able to feel a positive energy flowing from us to you.

Live Dj's On The Weekends At Escape Hookah Lounge In Kissimmee


A popular question we get is “What kind of music do you guys play?” Well Our Friday Night are open format. Meaning we play everything from Hip Hop, Latin, R&B, to Even the Cha Cha Slide! That’s right, the cha cha slide. We get everyone up to dance including the staff!

Top Hookah Bar / Hookah lounge Near Kissimmee.

Escape Hookah Lounge is a home away from home.

Relax and hangout with the best souls. Specializing in Hookahs after 1 year of practicing in hookahs we are proud to say we have the BEST hookahs in Kissimmee / Orlando area. We make sure to take down every hookah and clean it to the best ability. TRUST us you pay what you get for! We aren’t the cheapest but we are the best! Our motto is Quality over Quantity… Our open kitchen let’s you see how we operate, from making hookahs to cooking food!


Escape Hookah Lounge In Kissimmee
Upscale Hookah Lounge located in Kissimmee

We do ask everyone to RSVP a table. High traffic from the locals and high seasons in Kissimmee, Orlando cause us to sell out really fast. When you call in one of our staff will be taking in your reservation for you and your party. Call (407) 507-0272

Birthday – Packages

Our Lounge

Our Lounge offers The Platinum VIP Package.  – Our Platinum V.I.P Accommodates a party up to 12 people. 3 bottles of Rose Moet. We also carry Brute Moet.  You pick the  Theme/Colors of your color preference.

Gold VIP Package- Our Gold V.I.P package Accommodates a party up to 8 people behind our red ropes, Two bottles of Rose Moet or our Brute Moet your choice with one of our famous hookahs. We also let you pick out out of 4 themes we have also includes balloons your color preference.

Silver VIP Package –  Our Platinum V.I.P Accommodates a party up to 4 people, One bottle of Rose Moet or our Brute Moet your choice with one of our famous hookahs. We also let you pick out out of 4 themes we have also includes balloons your color preference.

Our Nights


Escape will start opening up 7 days a week. Yup, that’s right we will be open EVERYDAY!

Movie Monday’s – Every Monday bring your date or group of friends, to enjoy one of Netflix picked movies. Loud surround system, with two LARGE 1080 clear projectors. Popcorn, Drinks, Food and Hookah will be a part of our night. Stay tuned for the rest of the details coming soon.

Tequila Tuesday’s – Everyone’s always talking about tacos that’s cool but we think tequila is just a better mix with music and hookahs. More details coming soon.

WCW Wednesday’s – Hello women do not get enough praise. We chose to make a day just for the ladies. This night is a night where women will come together and have great times. More info coming soon. ou

Throwback Thursday’s – Ah, the famous #TBT we see all over our social networks? Um, No. We’re actually doing something a little different. Playing the late 90’s Early 2000’s greatest hits from Freestyle to Tupac with a little mix theme once a month. So dressing up like the 90’s or 70’s theme to have a little fun. More info coming soon.

Fashion Friday’s – Come on it’s the weekend we all work hard so we can show off a little. So come dressed to impress in your fliest outfits. Red Rugs and black drops will be on sight so you can take advantage and get some good pictures of your outfit! More info coming soon.

Latin Saturday’s – Our famous Latin night Saturday’s been strong for two years and going! It’s 18 plus for our women and 21 and up for the fellas. Make sure to come in dress code.  RSVP your table we do sell out EVERY WEEKEND!

Sunday Funday – Reggae night mixed with Karaoke. More info coming soon.


About Us

Orlando, Kissimmee Hookah Lounge
Escape Hookah Lounge in Kissimmee , Orlando Florida 34746
Escape Hookah Lounge in Kissimmee , Orlando Florida 34746


Orlando Escape Hookah Lounge – Bar is located in Kissimmee off of 192 (Near Disney). We have created an upscale  hookah lounge bar in Kissimmee, up-scale ultra lounge in the heart of Florida.

Our Mission

Best Top quality  hookah bar in Orlando , delicious mouth-watering juice and cocktail Customers love quality of a great hookah. Escape Hookah Lounge and Bar in Orlando, mission is to bring a quality hookah experience to the greater Orlando, Kissimmee, Florida area.

Escape Hookah Lounge / Hookah Bar is fairly new to the area in Kissimmee. The Owner Saint has 3 years prior experience in the Hookah, Lounge and the Bar industry. Working for others he realized where he was working did not allow him to open up all his creativity. Now owning his own lounge he provided his staff with the tools to make sure to succeed. Having the best cleanest hookahs. As well as establishment.

Our usual customer come from

Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Doctor Phillips, Oviedo, Winter Park, Poinciana, Davenport area. Escape Hookah Lounge and Bar in Orlando is the very good hot spot area for fine great newly made diverse hookah flavor, and the finest beverages and mixed drinks, frozen drinks.  A fine selection of domestic and imported beer as well as fine extraordinary wines.  Our Cocktail range from the classic to the most exotic. Therefore, we honorably invite you to enjoy our drink specials and great bottle discounts as well as birthday packages. Opened till 4 Friday’s and Saturday’s!

Come check us out if you’re in the mood to have a great time make sure to RSVP your table. We sell out quickly on the weekends!

Contact Us

Contact Escape Hookah Lounge  By Phone (407) 507-0272